How Things Change

Have you ever started out knowing that your day was going to be an absolutely wonderful?  Well that is exactly how things started out for me.  I had one class in the morning and then I headed out on a short road trip with my friend so we could just shop and hang out. It … Continue reading

Black History Month

Happy Black History month! Well today this blog will be more of a vent over comments that have been made to me over black history month. Over the years there have been so many times when people will ask me “why is there not a white history month why do you get a month.” I … Continue reading

The Perfect Failure

Perfection according to is the highest degree of proficiency, skill, or excellence, as in some art. Just reading that makes me cringe. The goal to be perfect is something that people struggle with everyday and if they feel as if they have failed their world comes crashing down. Perfect Student. Perfect singer. Perfect girlfriend/ boyfriend. Perfect all the above. When will we stop killing … Continue reading