Set yourself up for success

Going off of my last blog of “Fear of the Unknow,” I have decided to apply my advice to…well myself.  I need to show that I practice what I preach.  So for me it is time to be researching internships that I want, literally because I have an assignment due on Tuesday, but mostly I just need to find one.  So I have decided to challenge my self and apply for jobs that:

A. I feel I have no chance of getting.

B. That terrify me aka I will have no clue what I am getting myself into.

C. That are bigger than myself.

D. That I don’t believe I can do.

So I know what you are thinking: “Wow Chi-Chi you have a ton of options then.”  Although I hate to say it, it’s true I really do have a lot of options.  I do struggle with telling myself I am not good enough and that is something that I am so sick of, and i’m sure other people struggle with the same thing.

Now here is our goal for those who do struggle with self doubt. We are going to start setting ourselves up for success and not failure! For me this is a good place to start, but now you have to figure out where you can start to break this self doubt cycle.


2 thoughts on “Set yourself up for success

  1. I wrote a long reponse, but then it accidently erased.
    To sum up what I said:

    I’ve felt A-D when applying for lots of job/positions.
    You are more qualified than you probably think.
    When given a challenge we rise up and exceed our expectations.
    Then we look back and laugh that we were so worried we couldn’t do it.
    Keep reaching and applying for opportunities that seem far away.
    You never know what might happen.

    • Oh I know and that is seriously why I am so excited to just start putting myself out there. I literally am excited and there will be rejection but all it takes is that one person to see the potential there. Thank you for your comment even if it is the shortened version lol, I agree with you 100% when you said when given a challenge we exceed our expectations. 😀

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