Have Courage

On Friday, in my Management class, we talked about leadership and what it takes to be a leader.  I have a really good teacher who enjoys getting a class discussion started and he asked us, “what we think of when we hear the word lead?”  A few people raised their hands and we got a list that said, someone who:  motivates you to achieve a goal, is influential, finds an answer to a question, the person in charge, a role model, with charisma, and someone who leads just by being themselves.

After asking that question he asked who we considered to be a leader. The responses he got were people like:

Oprah, Parents, Siblings, Appollo 13, Martin Luther King, and etc.

I decided to raise my hand after the good answers were taken and I said LeBron James and everyone kind of chuckled, and an Ohio native got defensive.  Then I gave a reason and I said that what LeBron did took courage.  Leaving his home state, took so much courage especially to know that you might lose all the support you have.  Then I started thinking about the first question and realized…wow no one said a leader should have courage.

Moral of the story is do not forget how important it is to incorporate courage in what you do.  Whether you are in the position of being a leader, a boss, on the job, a stay at home husband or wife, at a friends house, take courage with you wherever you are. Be true to yourself and your beliefs, take a deep breath, and know you are a strong person.

 Have courage in the things you do and the choices you make.

Black History Month:

Because I had the theme of leadership, I feel that it would be essential to remember Martin Luther King Jr. today.  MLK was a leader. Martin had goals, he had dreams, hopes and passion that were so evident that others started to dream and want the same exact changes that he talked about in his speeches.  Not only should Martin be remembered, but also those black, Hispanic, white, mixed, Asian, and just everyone that came together and marched with or supported him.  Martin spoke for those who were not able to.  Whether people marched with Martin, or supported him from the background they all did their part by having the courage to believe in what he stood for, the equality of men.  He was an absolutely courageous and influential leader.

Picture source: http://africanpress.me/2008/04/04/martin-luther-king-jr-i-have-a-dream-in-memory-of-dr-king/


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