The Key to Success

You know there are so many books and magazine columns and newspapers that claim to know the key to success.  Well today I am going to ask why are you buying into those things/ like literally buying.  When really the key to success is something we have to find ourselves.

Everyone will have different routes to reaching their own goals and their own “success” because no one person’s story is EXACTLY the same as the next.

For example I know the key for me (even though I still have a ways to go before I see myself as successful) is sticking to whatever it is I am doing and giving it my all.  For others the key to success may be to just do something they have never done before.

I feel that when people talk about someone successful they automatically think of someone who is wealthy, popular, beautiful and etc. but we really need to shape our own definition of success so that it fits our lives.  Start with dreaming, making goals for yourself and accomplish those goals until you reach your “success” in life because that is what matters.  Avoid focusing on other people and that automatic definition of success, instead focus on your life and what you can do to be happy in whatever it is you are doing.


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