Danger Danger

Today on campus while I am in class my friend sitting to the left of me notices that people are tweeting about a shooting that happened right by campus. That situation was terrifying especially when there was not a lot of information on the whereabouts of the subject, if we were safe, or just what was going on.

Once again it’s amazing how a situation can change in just a matter of seconds or minuites.  It turns out the suspect who had fired shots at police passed away and an officer was shot in the leg.

Applying this situation to the business world I see it as a reminder to always be cautious and aware about what is happening around you.  Obviously not in a paranoid what but in a way to where you know your role as well as other roles in the work place.

Black history month:

To tie things in with the above story today I decided to honor  Horatio Julius Homer, who was Boston’s first African American police officer.

However all officers who are out there doing the right thing, despite what their race may be, are heroes and all  of them should be thanked and honored.


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