How Things Change

Have you ever started out knowing that your day was going to be an absolutely wonderful?  Well that is exactly how things started out for me.  I had one class in the morning and then I headed out on a short road trip with my friend so we could just shop and hang out.

It was a much needed get away for about 5 hours before we had to return to school and work.  Everything was good when we got back into Muncie. My friend dropped me off before she had to take off for work and I was just high on life because I had just purchased some good (cheap*) clothes and accessories today while shopping.

After being dropped off, I am in the driveway and notice that the garbage can is still out on the street so i decide to grab it and take it back up to the house like anyone would do.  BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE.  As I am dragging the trash can up the driveway, because there is plenty of room, i decide to take the route through my roommates car and my own car.

Well as I’m going through the cars I hear a nice little thud and turn around to find that I have knocked the mirror off of my roommates car.  Now I am thinking there must be some kind of karma for having a good day.

The lesson I learned is that we all need to be ready for circumstances to change in our days whether that be while we are on the job, walking our dog, feeding our fish 😦 , or just taking a trashcan to the side of our house.  Always be flexible and ready for change.


Black History Month: 

Because I went and messed up my roommates car with a trash can, I decided to honor the first  and most successful African-American to start a NASCAR race in 1961 since it pertains to cars.
Wendell Scott “went on to start a total of 495 races in NASCAR’s top series from 1961 through 1973. Wendell is also the only African-American to date to score a win. On December 1st 1963 he took the checkered flag first at Speedway Park in Jacksonville, FL.(Wendell Scott)”
racecar pioneer Wendell Scott

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