Black History Month

Happy Black History month! Well today this blog will be more of a vent over comments that have been made to me over black history month.

Over the years there have been so many times when people will ask me “why is there not a white history month why do you get a month.” I am not going to lie I am a lover not a fighter and the type of person who likes to joke a lot, but in all seriousness this needs to be addressed.

Instead of asking me or any other African American you know that question, think of it a different way first.  Everyday in history we learn so much about accomplishments of predominately white men and not so much about African American accomplishments, until February. Because of slavery and racism (which is a problem that no one of today should be blamed for) we should think of all the powerful people that, because of their race, never got a chance to make it into our history books.

So all I am trying to say is that we all as Americans need to come together and celebrate each others history.  We should feel blessed and happy to learn more and more about different heritages and people who are different than us. So Happy Feb. 1st my goal is to honor someone this whole month to celebrate how good people can be.

Be ‘The Help’ for one another regardless of race.

Picture from: The Help


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