The Perfect Failure

Perfection according to is the highest degree of proficiency, skill, or excellence, as in some art. Just reading that makes me cringe. The goal to be perfect is something that people struggle with everyday and if they feel as if they have failed their world comes crashing down.

Perfect Student. Perfect singer. Perfect girlfriend/ boyfriend. Perfect all the above. When will we stop killing ourselves with this goal?  Let me give an example using my life.

For Christmas I just received a 10 gallon fish tank kit and was so excited to go to pets mart and pick out my decorations and fish.  I got everything nice and set up and then i went and purchased 4 male Mollies (type of fish). Everything was going perfect until I agreed to putting in 2 new female Mollies into the tank a couple weeks later.

Various fish

Picture from:

To make a long story short my fish all started acting funny, swimming funny and they began to die off. I beat myself up over the situation for days and was just overall really sad (yes I know over fish) and full of regret for adding those new fish. Even my boyfriend said “they are just fish,” which made me feel even worse, but then the key question hit me: What was really causing me to be so upset.

The answer was that In my eyes I had failed again, and in this case I was a failure at taking care of my fish that I had not even had for a month.  Basically the more we strive to be perfect at something the more we are hurting ourselves. Instead of focusing on the positive and what we are good at, we break ourselves down every time we fail.

For those who know what I am talking about just plain and simple this pattern of beating ourselves up has to stop. We have all accomplished failing at something and need to be accepting of that fact. With failing comes wisdom. Look at me, now I know how to better take care of my fish for next time!

We all need to learn from our mistakes, know that no one person on this Earth is perfect, love ourselves more and more and not be afraid to make mistakes. In all actuality look at your mistakes as a blessing in disguise because now you have more knowledge on how to approach your next goal.

You gotta love your Perfect Failures!


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