Set yourself up for success

Going off of my last blog of “Fear of the Unknow,” I have decided to apply my advice to…well myself.  I need to show that I practice what I preach.  So for me it is time to be researching internships that I want, literally because I have an assignment due on Tuesday, but mostly I … Continue reading

Fear of the Unknow

I have had so much rejection in the past week that I am starting to fear the unknown, which is also know as…my future.  It does not help that I got that phone call from my mother today, where she proceeded to remind me of the question I have been asking myself since my sophomore year … Continue reading

Conquering Procrastination

To be quite honest I struggle with procrastinating.  I feel strongly enough that I would be able to teach a course over procrastination, if I was ever asked.  But if we were all honest with ourselves we all know we have put something or someone off until the last min.  What I want to know … Continue reading

No more tests!

THIS IS NOT A TEST.     OK.  So there has to be some sort of evidence out there that shows that giving students tests is absolutely bad for them. 1. The tests can cause so much anxiety and stress. 2. They cause depression (especially after the test when you know you’ve failed it ugh.) … Continue reading

Love is in the air

I wonder how many people are truly depressed on Valentines day. Depressed about the bill they are going to recieve after their romantic dinner with that special someone.  Depressed about having lost someone or the fact that they don’t have and may be have never had a “special” someone. Everyday I get reminded about how important communication … Continue reading

Have Courage

On Friday, in my Management class, we talked about leadership and what it takes to be a leader.  I have a really good teacher who enjoys getting a class discussion started and he asked us, “what we think of when we hear the word lead?”  A few people raised their hands and we got a … Continue reading


1. Never will I ever be someone/thing I don’t want to be. 2. Never will I do something that goes against my values and morals. 3. Never will I ever let someone hold me back from my dreams. Ever. We all have made and broken promises to ourselves and other people.  Today I decided to … Continue reading

Open Doors

If something falls, hopefully your first reaction would be to pick it up.  This same concept should also be applied in our lives.  I don’t know how many times I have wanted to stop everything I was doing lay down and give up after being rejected or told that I was not good enough, but … Continue reading

The Key to Success

You know there are so many books and magazine columns and newspapers that claim to know the key to success.  Well today I am going to ask why are you buying into those things/ like literally buying.  When really the key to success is something we have to find ourselves. Everyone will have different routes … Continue reading

Danger Danger

Today on campus while I am in class my friend sitting to the left of me notices that people are tweeting about a shooting that happened right by campus. That situation was terrifying especially when there was not a lot of information on the whereabouts of the subject, if we were safe, or just what … Continue reading